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NC Criminal Tax Cases

Helping Taxpayers Solve Criminal Tax Problems Across North Carolina and Beyond

From Asheville to Wilmington, from Greenville to Greensboro, from Charlotte to Raleigh, and many of the small towns in between, we have been helping North Carolina taxpayers solve difficult and challenging criminal tax problems for more than 20 years.

In federal IRS cases, we have dealt with Special Agents of the IRS and federal prosecutors in all three North Carolina federal districts—Western, Middle and Eastern—and we have litigated criminal tax cases in the federal district courts of all three districts.  We have also helped taxpayers from Virginia, Tennessee, and South Carolina, and we can appear in the federal district courts of those states if necessary.

In North Carolina Department of Revenue cases, all criminal tax prosecutions—no matter the city, town or county in which they originated—are brought in Raleigh.  Since our offices are here in Raleigh, we have helped taxpayers all over the State of North Carolina solve State criminal tax problems.

In North Carolina, the Department of Revenue Criminal Investigation Division typically investigates tax evasion, false tax returns and failure to file and pay employee withholding taxes.

The Criminal Investigation Division also investigates failure to file and pay sales and use taxes and settles North Carolina residency disputes.

Whether you own a business or you are self-employed, or whether you are a tax preparer or adviser, a CPA or an accountant, if you have been contacted by the Criminal Investigation Division of the North Carolina Department of Revenue, you need an experienced criminal tax attorney on your side.  Don’t try to handle a North Carolina Department of Revenue criminal tax investigation on your own.

At Tharrington Smith, LLP, our North Carolina tax lawyers offer zealous representation to each of our clients.  For assistance with your case, call us now or contact us online. Our offices are located in downtown Raleigh, and we represent clients in tax matters across North Carolina.

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At Tharrington Smith, LLP, we have one of the most highly respected white collar criminal defense practices in the entire Southeast. We take special pride, however, in our criminal tax defense section. For more than twenty years, we have defended individuals and companies who were either under investigation or charged with federal or state criminal tax offenses. Whether you need a seasoned criminal tax trial attorney or someone to counsel and guide you through potential criminal tax issues, we have the experience and the expertise to help and guide.