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Doug Kingsbery’s criminal tax practice is a part of the Criminal Defense Section of the law firm of Tharrington Smith, LLP, which is known throughout the United States as one of the country’s preeminent criminal defense firms.

We have successfully represented businesses, individuals, and tax preparers and advisors in state and federal criminal tax cases for more than 20 years. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the investigation process with a goal of dissuading the authorities from referring criminal charges. We have successfully asserted the innocent spouse defense in appropriate cases. If you or your business is charged with a criminal tax offense, we have the experience to defend you at trial.

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Why We Are Different

Our Section is comprised of seven highly-regarded criminal defense practitioners, Wade M. Smith, Roger W. Smith, Douglas E. Kingsbery, Melissa H. Hill, F. Hill Allen, Roger W. Smith, Jr., and Russell D. Babb.

Since 1964, Tharrington Smith, LLP, has provided the finest representation in criminal defense in North Carolina.  Four of our attorneys are listed in Best Lawyers in America.  We represent persons charged with all varieties of white collar and non-white collar offenses in all federal and state courts in North Carolina, including bank fraud, mortgage fraud, homicide, and other crimes of violence, drug cases, theft crimes and all manner of traffic offenses
including impaired driving (DWI).

50 Years of Unparalleled Legal Service

At Tharrington Smith, we see things a little differently because we don’t see cases. We see people.  And these people rely on our knowledge and experience to help them through their toughest legal issues.  Whether it’s the dissolving of a personal or professional relationship, a quick response to a criminal investigation, or the protection of intellectual property, we are experienced professionals committed to your needs.

At Tharrington Smith, LLP, we have one of the most highly respected white collar criminal defense practices in the entire Southeast. We take special pride, however, in our criminal tax defense section. For more than twenty years, we have defended individuals and companies who were either under investigation or charged with federal or state criminal tax offenses. Whether you need a seasoned criminal tax trial attorney or someone to counsel and guide you through potential criminal tax issues, we have the experience and the expertise to help and guide.